permissions & FAQ

OK with art being used for personal things — e.g. icons, headers. I appreciate being credited.
Posting to boorus, image boards, etc — OK.
Don't repost to sites I already have an account on, just reblog/retweet/like/etc directly from me, thank you.

How often do your commissions open?
Rarely, sorry.

What program/tools/tablet do you use?
Program: Clip Studio Paint.
My brushes change a lot. The only consistent one is (this one, for inking).
Tablet is a Gaomon PD1560.

I saw someone RPing as one of your characters.
If they're not claiming it as their own and are giving me credit for the character and art, I don't really care (much) if people want to RP as or use art of my characters. Frankly it's a headache to deal with so I just don't bother.